Technicum School of La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland, a four years program to become a watchmaker, forty four hours per week. Twenty two of theory and twenty tow on practice.
Charles Fleury and Andre Fleury graduated from that school.
Andre Fleury:
 Second from your left.
Few years after graduation  Andre Fleury moved to San-Francisco where he open his watch servicing office and built a serious clientele who appreciates quality. In 1981 Andre moved his office to San Rafael where he operates his business since. His son Sacha  learned the watchmaking art from his father for three years and been a major asset of the Fleury's business as of 1998. Sacha his the fourth generation of Fleury in the horology business.
Technicum of La Chaux-de-Fonds: First year in watchmaking school.
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Quality and Service Since 1968
Andre Fleury Swiss Watch Co.
We specialize in servicing high grade watches and antique pocket watches.
 Replacement battery is done on the premises but in view of the large amount we perform, we apologize but no longer can it be done while you are waiting.
It takes between one to two days.
 For water resistant watches: We recommend to perform a water test, 
if you intend to use your watch under water even only once. 
The test will confirm that your watch is or isn't water resistant.
 Notice: Every so often a watch servicing needs to have a new part(s) install.
 Independent watchmakers were purchasing the part(s) from the brands on your
 behalf, when no longer in stock.
 Today you may have to purchase that part(s) your-self. Major brands are attempting
 to  the competition, by Refusing to Supply.
 Competition did kept quality and price in check for decades.